A festival favourite with critics and audiences all over the world, A World Not Ours is an intimate, humorous portrait of three generations in exile in the refugee camp of Ein el-Helweh in southern Lebanon. Based on a wealth of personal recordings, family archives, and historical footage, the film is a sensitive and illuminating study of belonging,  friendship and family. Filmed over more than 20 years by multiple generations of the same family, A World Not Ours is more than just a family portrait; it is an attempt to record what is being forgotten, and mark what should not be erased from collective memory.

“A doc that flips storytelling and Mideast-Arab cliches on their heads, while weaving an irresistible mood of amused melancholy”

“Fleifel’s compassionate portraits...offer deeply personal insight into the themes of exile and identity”

“Documentary dispatches from a refugee-camp build into an engagingly accessible chronicle of a friendship, a family and a place...Fleifel crafts a persuasively heartfelt, atmospherically immersive experience that does justice to the joys and hazards of this extreme environment.”

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"A World Not Ours is a dazzling act of first person filmmaking that hits notes on a far-ranging emotional scale from tears to laughter. Director Mahdi Fleifel makes us feel for his family, friends and home as strongly as if they were our own.

Mahdi spent his formative years in the camp in the 1980s before his family settled in Denmark. For years, he’s been returning and keeping a video diary. At the heart of the film is Mahdi’s relationship to his friend Abu Iyad. They share an obsession with World Cup soccer and Palestinian politics, but Mahdi has the ability to come and go while Abu Iyad does not. That inequity makes their friendship extra precious and also susceptible to tension." (Thom Powers, Toronto Film Festival)

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